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The steel for lightweight designs: DILLIMAX

DILLIMAX is one of the most versatile DILLINGER branded grades - a very special structural steel. It can be used, for example, where the scale of the design means that every kilogram saved is a vital benefit - as in the case, for example, of large crane jibs and booms, heavy-duty travel gear, offshore structures, and bridges. DILLIMAX is also the rational choice for achievement of support structures with striking aesthetics, as are so frequently encountered in contemporary architecture. DILLIMAX not only facilitates such designs, it actually makes them safer - this steel combines maximum mechanical strength with outstanding toughness and unusually good workability.

It also has extremely good suitability for cold-working and machining. Above all, however, it possesses amazingly good weldability - so good, in fact, that stress-relieving annealing after component completion is
usually not necessary. With this combination of properties, DILLIMAX goes well beyond the standardized requirements contained, for example, in EN 10025. Water-quenching and tempering imparts these special properties to

DILLIMAX. This steel is available at a number of strength levels, which are identified by its minimum yield strength:


Data sheets and specifications DILLIMAX

DILLIMAX - Technical Information
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