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        Ahmet Coşkun ORTAÇ

  Coupling systems are complex assemblies – they are used in public transport, freight transportation and for switching. They are designed for the automatic or semi-automatic coupling and decoupling of individual rail cars or vehicles.
During train operation, coupling systems have to absorb a wide range of tractive and compressive forces simultaneously. At the same time, they provide the required traveling comfort and contribute to the safety of passengers and goods in the long run.

Due to their unbeatable energy absorption and their outstanding properties, DUREL polymer springs for coupling systems excel in meeting all of the above requirements. When used in combination with mechanical friction or hydraulic systems, energy values can exceed 90 kJ. DUREL high-performance polymer springs have been successfully used in coupling systems of heavy-duty freight trains with a high cargo capacity and an overall weight of up to 20,000 tons.

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