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DILLIDUR steels are wear resistant steels of DILLINGER. They are used for example in slide conveyors, steel plating, screen plates, cutting edges, dump trucks, loading shovels etc...

As a structural steel, DILLIDUR combines maximum resistance to wear with low material input and exceptionally good workability. It can be used in situations in which conventional engineering steels would be destroyed by direct contact with soil and rock - and where conventional wear-resistant steels cannot be used, due to their limited workability - making DILLIDUR the ideal material for earthmoving and mining machines. This steel is available in a rationally graduated scale of hardnesses extending to 500 HB.

Special DILLIDUR qualities
Following DILLIDUR special qualities have been developed for particular applications:

DILLIDUR 400 - 400 HBW Wear Resistance Plate
DILLIDUR 450 - 450 HBW Wear Resistance Plate
DILLIDUR 500 - 500 HBW Wear Resistance Plate
DILLIDUR 550 - 550 HBW Wear Resistance Plate

DILLIDUR IMPACT - High resistance to abrasion and high toughness to resist impact wear

DILLIDUR IMPACT is successfully applied where high resistance to abrasion is required together with high toughness to resist impact wear, associated to good weldability. Examples of application: earth moving and loading machines and especially buckets, cutting edges, knives and breakers. DILLIDUR IMPACT obtains its mechanical properties by water quenching and subsequent tempering. Brinell hardness of the plate surface at room temperature is between 310 and 370 HBW. The production range of the DILLIDUR IMPACT plates is 40 mm to 150 mm.

For more information about application, mechanical properties and processing of DILLIDUR steels, please refer to the different data sheets, specifications and technical information.

Data sheets and specifications DILLIDUR

Technical Information DILLIDUR
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