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        Ahmet Coşkun ORTAÇ

  PAGE have signed distributorship agreement with DUREL since beginning of 2013.

The DUREL brand name stands for excellence in high-performance polymer spring systems. We manufacture proven and reliable springs for draw gears, buffers, draft gears and coupling systems that are used in rail cars, engineering and industrial applications worldwide.

Our sophisticated and sustainable solutions exceed familiar standards and offer added safety. We are constantly striving to exceed expectations and to offer you custom-tailored solutions – for today as well as tomorrow.

Buffers and draw gears ensure a smooth ride – from start to acceleration and slow-down. During regular operation, rail cars are exposed to extreme physical forces. When it comes to absorbing these forces to ensure the safe transport of passengers or delicate goods, our reliable polymer springs systems are absolutely essential. In addition to guaranteeing the utmost level of safety, DUREL polymer springs offer added value and long-term sustainability.
Our innovative springs are made of thermoplastic polymer that retains its elasticity longer and is more resistant to wear compared to rubber or steel. Plus, they are made to last!
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